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Parish of Eglingham
Sheet 25.5 20.14 Trace 4.5.

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Dunny’s Well Dunny’s Well Chas Moffat Esq. On Sheets A spring well now covered by the mill pond,
Mr G. Milligan 20.14 & the name is derived from the fact of a dun
Estate Map 25.2 cow having been drowned in it.
Castle Hill Castle Hill Chas Moffat Esq. On Sheet The remains of an ancient camp
Camp Mr G. Milligan 20.14 so called, supposed to have been
(Remains of) Estate Map of British origin, it is nearly
obliterated-except on the West,
the name also applies to a house on
the site, occupied by a farm servant.
Lilburn Tower Lilburn Tower Chas Moffat Esq. On Sheet A handsome modern Mansion, beautifully
Mr P. W. Purvis 20.14 situated on the N. Bank of the Lil Burn and
Estate Map &c &c finely shaded by Woods & ornamental grounds,
it is the residence of E. J. Collingwood
Esq. who is the proprietor of the town-
ship, i.e. West Lilburn. A few chains
East of the Mansion is a post office for
the convenience of the district around.
Robt Young
Corporal Royal Engineers

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