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Sheet 26.7. Ph of Eglingham Trace 4

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Red Burn Red Burn Mr Andrew Railston On Sheets A considerable stream having its
Red Burn Mr Joseph Hill 26.2 source at Hangwell Law from
Red Burn Thomas Beattie 26.6+ which it flows in a Southerly
26.11 direction till it joins the river enters the
26.7 Allen near Basington
Township of shipley on Sheet 26.11
from which point to that of its
junction with the "Aln," it is known
as "Shipley Burn."
Black Burn Black Burn Same authorities On Sheets A tributary to Red Burn having
Black Burn 26.2+ its source near Hagdown running
Black Burn 26.7 South Easterly joins its parent Burn Red Burn
near East Ditchburn
Thomas Cosgrove

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