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Parish of Earsdon Township of Seaton Delaval

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
The Hastings Arms Inn The Hastings Arms Inn Sign Board 7 chains E. of A large Public House with
The Hastings Arms Inn Thomas J Taylor Esqr the Post Office Stabling & vegetable gardens
The Hastings Arms Inn Hugh Taylor Esqr Attached & is so named from the
The Hastings Arms Inn Whellan’s Directory title of the Owner Lord Hastings
Wheatridge Row Wheatridge Row Thomas J Taylor Esqr 14 chains E of A long row of small cottages with
Wheatridge Row Mr Fenwick the Post Office an opening about the centre they
Wheatridge Row Hugh Taylor Esqr were built expressly by the Colliery
Wheatridge Row John Butters Esqr (Agent) owners for the accomodation of Pitmen
Wheatridge Row Property Plan
Wheatridge Row Revd W Skene
Hugh Taylor Esqr reconsulted
Post Office Post Office Sign Board Joins Seaton Delaval A small cottage a small portion
Post Office Thomas J Taylor Esqr Station on the S. of the home is allotted to postal purposes
Post Office Rev Wm Skene & the remainder is occupied by the
Post Office Whellan’s Directory Station Master who is also Postmaster
Blyth & Tyne Railway See descriptions in NB of Sheet 81 Plan 2
Blyth & Tyne Railway
Blyth & Tyne Railway
Thomas Jordan

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