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Parish of Earsdon Township of Seaton Delaval

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Seaton Delaval Hall Seaton Delaval Hall John Butters Esqr In the East of the plan, A noble mansion partly in ruins,
Seaton Delaval Hall Mr Robert Stephenson about 22 Chains N.W by It was formerly the seat of the
Seaton Delaval Hall McKenzie’s history of Northumberland N. of Egg Pond Delaval family, And for dignity and
Seaton Delaval Hall Whellan’s Directory grandeur it surpassed every other
Seaton Delaval Hall Plan in possession of Hugh Taylor Esqr Mansion in the North of England-
Ruins of White’s Directory It was built from a design by Sir John Vanburgh.
Seaton Delaval Hall In the North front of this splendid Structure, there is a flight of
of sixteen steps; on each side of the uppermost landing there
are three Superb Doric Columns, And the South front is
ornamented by a magnificent portico of the Ionic order.
the main building of this princely Mansion was destroyed
by fire on the 3rd January 1822, the two wings were saved by
great and active exertions – This building together with
the Estate is now the property of Lord Hastings-
Egg Pond Egg Pond Mr Robert Stephenson In the South East of the A small Pond enclosed by masonry
Egg Pond Mr Snowdon plan. About 22 Chains this name has originated from its
Egg Pond Mr Maddison S.E. by E S. of Seaton resemblance in shape to an egg-
Delaval Hall
John McMahon

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