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Humbleton Hill Humbleton Hill "on the eminence, he found it necessary to engage
Homildon Hill or the enemy on the plain below, where the
Humbleton Heugh conflict was so bloody, that the lands were afterwards
called Redriggs.
According to Hollingshead, among the prisoners
were the Earls of Fife, Murray, Angus, Athol
Orkney, and Monteath, the Lords Montgomery &
Erskine, & about 80 Knights. Douglas
received five wounds and lost an eye. being
closely pursued in their retreat about
500 Scots were drowned in the Tweed,
so that very few of their numerous army
escaped Death or captivity on this fatal
This victory was attributed to the numbers &
Skill of the English archers. Sir John Swinton
& Adam Gordon several times renewed the battle
with great bravery, till they fell among the slain.
Such was the famous battle of Homildon
Hill, which was founght on Holyrood day 1402.
Humbleton Heugh is the name by which
this Hill is now best known by –

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