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Parish of Doddington
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Humbleton Hill Humbleton Hill Mr Robt Brown On Sheet A rather large and high hill west of, and adjoining
Homildon Hill Mr James Short 14 19R Humbleton Village. There are remains of what seems
Humbleton Heugh Directory to have been a wall of defence near the topmost brow
of the Hill and another much stronger wall or Bank
immediately on the top, tradition points out this hill
as the celebrated Homildon Hill mentioned in
White’s Directory as having "a circular intrenchment,
with a large cairn of stone," and as being "cut into
a number terraces 30 feet deep" – Had the terraces ever
been cut, even 2 feet deep, they would have remained
till the end of time, as the hill is almost a solid
rock with scarcely the covering of a Sod. The intended
"intrenchment" consists solely of Boulders gathered
apparently from the surface of the hill-
No cuttings in the shape of terraces can be
traced on any part of the Hill.
Tradition also gives this, as the
hill on which Earl Douglas was posted
on Holyrood Day 1402, when intercepted by Earl
Percy, "and though advantageously posted
Robt Young
Corporal Royal Engineers

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