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South Farm South Farm Revd Wm Proctor On Sheet A farm house with offices &c in
Mr J. Cock 15.9 the Village of Doddington, occupied
Mr J. Cairns by Mr W.B. Boyd. The farm is
in the S. side of the Township hence
the name
Post Office Post Office Mr Wm Pattie On Sheet This is situated on the E. side of the
Revd Mr Proctor 15.9 Village, and kept in a small shop.
Mr Cairns Letters arrive at 1 p.m. and are dispatched
at 4.30 p.m.
Dod Well Dod Well Revd Mr Proctor On Sheet A remarkably strong Spring issuing
Mr Cairns 15.9 from a Sandstone rock in the Village
Mr Cock of Doddington, it discharges 70 gallons
per min. is uniform in volume both
Summer & Winter and retains a con-
stant temperature of 47deg. Far..
It is neatly enclosed and railed in
the form of a Square fountain, the water
issuing at three spouts, and the whole
surmounted by an elegant Stone Cross-

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