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Parish of Cramlington Parish of Cramlington Sheet 80 Plan 12

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Sandy’s Letch Sandy’s Letch Henry Shum Storey Esqr Arcot Hall 16 Chains South from This name applies to a small stream which along part of its course
Sandy’s Letch Mr William Bell DamDdykes Damdykes divides the parishes of Long Benton & Cramlington & after a course of
Sandy’s Letch Mr Henry Clark about 4 miles in a South Easterly direction discharges its Waters
into Seaton Burn some 3 or 400 yards above Annetsford
Damdykes Damdykes Henry Shum Storey Esqr 8 Chains West from the Name applied to a commodious Modern Stone built Farm
Damdykes Mr William Bell North Eastern Railway House with appropriate offices adjoining. It is owned
Damdykes Mr Henry Clark and the farm worked by Mr Storey of Arcourt Hall
Dam Dykes Whellans Directory A little Northeast of it are his Laundry, Gamekeeper’s
Dam Dykes Estate Plan Cottages, Dog Kennels & 2 Cottages occupied by his Hinds
Dam Dykes Greenwoods Co Map
Dam Dykes Richardsons Co Map
Demdikes White’s Directory
South Cramlington South Cramlington Mr Thos Sisterson In the North East of this Plan An ordinary farm house with offices
South Cramlington Mr Michael Wilkinson 34 Chs E. of West Cramlington out houses yard & garden attached the property
South Cramlington Mr D. Pickerin of H. S. Storey Esqr
South Cramlington Greenwood’s Co Map
South Cramlington County Register of the Electors for 1858
South Cramlington White’s Directory
J. Considine
Felix Gillespie

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