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Parish of Corsenside Sheet 69 Plan 5

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CAMP Chesterhope Burn Mr Elliott Fourlaws Gate 65 Chains S.W. The remains of an ancient Roman Camp
(Remains of) Mr Shipley The Dun Cow of Fourlaws Edge of very considerable dimensions situated
Camp Mr Murray The Crag on rising ground & close to the Watling Street,
Camp McLauchlans Plan of Roman Road which consists of a double mound of earth
Camp on its W. side & the other three sides being
Camp clearly defined by a broad embankment
averaging about 10 links wide on the top
The whole remains being in a good state
of preservation
The Dun Cow Mr Elliott 45 Chains S.W. A good stone building with office &
PH Mr Shipley of Fourlaws Edge garden attached used as a publick Inn
The Dun Cow Mr Murray This House is also a farm & licensed under the name of the Dun Cow.
The Dun Cow house & is commonly called The property of the Duke of Northumberland
The Dun Cow Fourlaws J.D & in the occupation of Mr Shipley
Fourlaws Gate Mr Elliott 27 Chains N W Toll Gate erected by the Trustees for
TP Mr Shipley of Fourlaws Edge the collection of certain fees required for
Fourlaws Gate Mr Murray the maintainance of the Public road
Fourlaws Gate Mr Elliott collector
Fourlaws Gate
Tumulus Mr Elliott 25 Chains S. of This is the site remains of an ancient tumulus
(Urns found here) Mr Shipley Fourlaws Edge which has now altogether disappeared
Tumulus Mr Murray Mr Shipley of the Dun Cow Inn
Tumulus McLauchlans Plan of Roman Road informed me that he discovered some
Tumulus golden ornaments adjoining here about 6 years ago
John Garvey
Civil Assistant

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