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Sheet 69 Plan 2 Ph of Corsenside

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Stiddlehill Mr Shanks About 59 Chains A small Farm building with offices
Mr Davidson N.W. of Cold Law & outhouses attached, in a good state
Stiddlehill Mr Wood of repair, the property of Mr Jobling
Stiddlehill Whites Directory & is unoccupied
Hepple Heugh Stiddlehill Mr Shanks About 45 Chains A range of huge sandstone rocks
Mr Davidson S.W. of Cold Law running in an N.E. & S.Westerly direction
Hepple CLHeugh Crag Mr Wood they present a precipitatous front to the
Hepple CLHeugh Crag Hodgsons Hist. Northd north but slope gradually to the S.
Hepple CLHeugh Crag
Cold Law Hepple CLHeugh Crag Mr Davidson About 45 Chains A conspicuous hill on the Stiddlehill
Mr Wood N.E. of Hepple Heugh Common, it slopes gradually to the
Cold Law Mr Shanks Crag E. but ends abruptly to the west
Cold Law upon the top there is a quantity
Cold Law of large rocks.

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