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Sheet 61 Plan 13 Parish of Corsenside

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Various modes of
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Authority for those modes of
Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
East Woodburn The Queens Head Inn Revd William Kell About 28 chains E. of A small village consisting of a public House
Mr Miller The Vicarage a grocer shop and a few stragling cottages the whole
East Woodburn Hodgsons History of which is the property of Mr Shanks
East Woodburn
River Rede East Woodburn Revd William Kell About 3 chains N. of This River has its source at the base of the Hill called
Mr Miller The Vicarage the Carter Fell from which it passes through
River Rede Hodgsons History a portion of Elsdon Parish and enters the Parish of
River Rede Corsenside where it takes a southerly direction flowing through numerous
River Rede fertile plains and deep valleys and discharges itself
into the North Tyne at Redesmouth about two miles
East of Bellingham
School Revd William Kell About 5 chains N.E. of A good stone Building erected by public subscription
Mr Miller The Vicarage and intended for a National School but by virtue of a
School Mr Walton License granted by the Bishop in consequence of the infirm
School state of the present Vicars Health the school is at present
School used and fitted up for the performance of divine service
and might be considered as a chapel of Ease to Corsenside
church but on the demise of the Vicar the above license
terminates it will then be used as a school for which
The Building was originally intended (an Endowment)
Edw. Gillespie
Sapper Royal Engineers

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