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Parish of Corsenside Sheet 60 Plan 16

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Lowleam Low Leam White’s Directory 30 Chains S.S.W. A large Farm House with
Lowleam Mr Shanks Park Head of the Peel offices out-buildings and garden
Lowleam Mr Routlidge Highleam attached the whole is in good repair
Lowleam Mr Riddle Lowleam and occupied by Mr Riddle
Low Leam Couy Voters List
Woodhouse Woodhouse Mr Shanks 58 Chains N.E. A small Farm House with
Woodhouse Mr Routlidge of the Peel out-houses and garden attached
Woodhouse Mr Riddle the whole is in good repair and is
Woodhouse White’s Directory occupied by Mr Riddle
Peel Peel Mr Shanks 58 Chains S W The remains of an ancient building
(In Ruins) Peel Mr Routlidge of Woodhouse for the protection of cattle with dwelling
Peel Mr Riddle rooms in its upper story, it is built
of large roughly dressed stones, mortared
together and its four walls, which are
still standing, are about nine links thick
Alfred Brittain
Sapper Royal Engineers

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