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Sheet 60 Plan 16 Parish of Corsenside

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Watling Street Watling Street Whites Directory 62 Chains East A portion of the great Roman Road
ROMAN ROAD Watling Street Extracts from McLauchlins Memoir of the Peel known as Watling Street, extending [through]
(Remains of) Watling Street Hodgson’s History of Northumberland the Parish of Corsenside it enters the north
Watling Street Dr Routlidge Highleam
portion of the parish along the line of the Turnpike and extending a short distance
takes a slight curve to the east and passing twenty five yards east of Dykehead
house, it again joins the Turnpike, and proceeding along it for some distance leaves
it again at Woodhouse and proceeding in a S.W. direction over the River Reed [sic] where
the foundation of a stone Bridge could be traced a few years back. The Road here
takes a considerable turn curve and passes 7 chains chains West of the Roman Station
"Habitancum" shaping its course of over the high ridge of Warlaws passes a short
distance west of the Fourlaws Public House when it again joins the Turnpike
and enters the parish of Chollerton west of east of the Camp at Swine Hill
Alfred Brittain
Sapper Royal Engineers

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