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Sheet 60 Plan 12 Parish of Corsenside

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General Observations
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Coldtown Coldtown Mr Anderson Coldtown 37 Chains N N.E. An excellent stone building situated
Coldtown Mr Hedley Dykehead of Tumulus a short distance S.W.East of the
Coldtown Mr Riddle GhylSike Watling street, in a good state of repair
Coldtown Whites Directory & contiguous there is a small cottage
with Office Houses and garden adjacent
The farm being in the occupation
of the proprietor Mr Anderson
Crow Well Crow Well Mr Anderson 55 Chains N.N.W. An excellent well of spring water
(Petrifying) Crow Well Mr Hedley of Tumulus situated on the Southern margin
Crow Well Mr Riddle of the Crow Burn which forms
the source of a small stream flowing
into the Crow Burn The water of
the well posesses the peculiar property
of petrifying many substances into Stone
Crow Bridge Crow Bridge Mr Anderson 56 Chains North A small stone bridge on the Watling Street
Crow Bridge Mr Hedley of Tumulus extending across the Crow Burn
Crow Bridge Mr Riddle consisting of one arch covered by
raised appurtenance & built by
public subscription
Tumulus Tumulus Mr Anderson 37 Chains W.S.W. A small mound of earth situated
Tumulus Mr Hedley of Coldtown on the West SE side of the Watling Street
Tumulus Mr Riddle and close to the junction of Roads
Tumulus McLaughlans Ext & Plan of Watling Street presenting a circular appearance
measuring at its base in diameter about 40 links
John Garvey
Civil Assistant

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