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Parish of Chillingham Sheet 20.8 Sheet 20.16 Traces 1 to 6

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Chillingham Park Chillingham Park Mr Wm Hardy bailiff Chillingham See Sheets An extensive park, surrounding Chillingham
Mr Thos Smith farmer Newton 20.11 Castle, chiefly of an ornamental description.
Whellans Hist. Northld p 680 20.12 It is subdivided from N. to S. by a high
Whellans Hist. Northld p 680 20.15 Paling, and the Eastern division used as
Chillingham Park The County Map 20.16 a Deer park, "It (according to Whellans Hist.
21.91 of Northld P 680) contains a large herd of
21.13 deer, and is celebrated for the only uncon-
Chillingham Park White’s Directory Vol.II P 502 taminated breed of wild cattle in the
Chillingham Park Hutchinson’s Northumberland Kingdom. This breed is called the Scottish bison.
Vol.1 P 239 There is a vague tradition that they were originally en
closed from the Northumbrian, or Caledonian forests
in the time of King John or Henry 3rd, when the
park was first enclosed, but their existence here has
long been considered an interesting problem of natural
history"…"the body is pure white, the muzzle brown,
the ears red, (only inside)..and they appear to be of a
species quite distinct from the English Oxen"
Robert Young
Corporal Royal Engineers

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