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Camp Hill Camp Hill Mr James Thompson On Sheet A low eminence 1/2 a mile N. by W. of
Mr John Hogg 13.10 Mindrim, on which there formerly was
Mr Wm Davidson a Camp (hence the name) proved
to be of Roman oriin by the fact
of an urn having been found, whilst
turning up the soil, containing many
coins, about 25 years ago. The Hill
being ploughed, the Camp is not now visible.
Enquiries have been made but the place where these
Remains were discovered cannot be pointed out.
Mindrum Mindrim or Mindrum Mr James Thompson On Sheet A farm house with offices, and a
Mr John Hogg 13.10 hamlet near it, pleasantly situated
Mr Thompson’s Lease on the north bank of River Bow-
mont Water 8 1/2 miles from Wooler. It has
a fine Arable farm attached in the
occupation of Mr Jas Thompson
West Learmouth West Learmouth Mr John Lumsden Senr On Sheet A farm house, with offices & mill
Mr John Lumsden Junr 9.15 & hamlet detached on the estate of
Estate Map Learmouth, the property of the Right
Honble Earl Grey. The farm is occupied
by Mr John Lumsden and contains
upwards of 900 acres. West Learmouth
is said to have been formerly much more extensive than
it is now but an ancient burial ground is all
that remains in support of the tradition.
Robt Young
Corpl RE

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