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Parish of Carham
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CARHAM Carham Revd F. Thompson On Sheet A small rural village in the turnpike
Post Office Directory 9.13 leading from Kelso to Cornhill about 6
Tithe Map miles from the former it is composed
of a few cottage dwellings the church
and Parsonage and is the property of
Mrs Compton of Carham Hall
Wallace’s Croft Wallace’s Croft Revd W. Thompson On Sheet A field south of the Church
(The Scottish Army Mr Henderson 9.13 bears this name it is said from the
under Wallace encamped Revd Spencer Scottish Chieftain Sir William Wallace
here in 1296) Whites Directory Vol 11 P.496 having encamped his army and fought
Hutchinsons History Northumberland a battle in the vicinity. And having
Vol.11 P10 destroyed the monastery burnt the
monks and students – called in
Parsan & White’s Directory Vol 11 P 496
"Camp-field" – but the name on plan is better
Dunstan Dunstan Revd W. Thompson On Sheet An enclosure adjoining Wallace’s
(site of a Battle (site of a Battle Mr Henderson 9.13 Croft. and is said to have received
between the Saxons between the Saxons Farm Map its name from an action fought
and and Mr Scott – Wark by Wallace previous to the destruction
Danes AD 833) Danes AD 833) Mr Davison – Wark of the monastery This is the place mentioned
by Leland in his Col:520 – where a Battle took
place described as follows – "In the 33rd of
yere of Ecbrighth the Danes arrived at Lindisfarne,
and fought with the Engles at Carham, wher eleven
Bishopes and 2 Englisch countes were Slayne, and
greate numbre of people"
William Boyd C/a

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