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Parish of Carham
Sheet 9—13— Trace 1

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as written on the Plan
Various modes of
Spelling the same Names
Authority for those modes of
Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Glebe Glebe Revd F Thompson On Sheet A part of an enclosure
Tithe map 9.13 amounting to about 5 acres
Mr Henderson it is undivided from the property
of Carham Hall. the Clergyman
receiving an equivalent for
the value of the land which is
in the hands of the Patron
Abbey Monastery (site of) Revd F Thompson On Sheet Near the church are the remains of
(site of) Revd W. Spenccer 9.13 a monastery of Black Cannons
Account of the parish PO Directy which had been founded here
Abbey Parson & White’s Directory subordinate to the priory of
Vol 11 P. 496 Kirkham Yorkshire, small portions
Abbey Hutchinson’s View of Northumberland of the old walls can be traced supp-
Vol. 11 P.10 orting the present Churchyard wall
Bulwark Bulwark Revd W. On Sheet A salmon cast in the Tweed
Mr Scott Senr 9.13 a little below Carham Church
Mr Scott Junr
William Boyd C/a

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