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Bywell St Andrew's Parish

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Watling Street Watling Street John Forster The Road runs in a S.W Extracts from a Memoir of a Survey
ROMAN ROAD Watling Street Revd Richard Marshall direction through of the Watling Street, Durham & Northumberland
(Site of) Watling Street Edward Hunter part of the Parish and this by Mr Maclauchlan.
Watling Street Maclauchlans Memoir of description applies to its "Crossing the Derwent we enter
Watling Street full extent within the Northumberland"
Parish "The line of bearing where the Watling
Street joins the Road at the turn off to
Raw House, is continued along the present road
to the brow, and straight forward down Whiteside
Wood, where traces are little to be seen, into
an angle of the turnpike Road, about 250
yards above the turnpike gate. Between this
and the gate the road seems to cross in
line, which apparently made a slight curve
into the valley to pass the brook, running
probably on the West of the turnpike House,
under the School, and close to the small foot
bridge, if not over it, skirting the building on
the west of the Riding Mills, and by a
similar curve regains its line at the
Horsetrough, where the turnpike Road crosses
it again; and some traces of it may be seen
in the meadow, north of the Mill, opposite
the Road leading to the Riding Mill Station
on the Newcastle & Carlisle Railway
Its course thence, at the
back of the buildings of Riding House on

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