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Parish of Bywell St Andrew's Sheet 95 Plan 10 Trace 10

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Riding Riding Mr. Thos March 2 1/4 miles South A Small Village Consisting
Riding Mr. Pace WestEast from of two Gentlemens Houses
Riding Mr. Gillaspee Corbridge a farm House & several Cottages
Riding White’s Directory 30 Chains S West of
Styford Hall
Ridingmill Station Riding mill Railway Mr Thos March 18 Chains WEast A Station on the Newcastle
Station of Riding & Carlisle Railway 15 1/2 miles
Riding mill Station Mr. Peace from Newcastle
Riding mill Station Mr. Gillaspee
Boathaugh Wood Boathaugh Wood Mr Thos March About 9 Chains A long narrow wood
Boathaugh Wood Mr. Peace North of Riding thickly planted with fir
Boathaugh Wood Mr. Gillaspie & forest trees &c
James Eylward
Civil Assistant

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