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Parish of Branxton

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Stock Law Stock Law Revd Robert Jones On Sheet A low eminence at a short distance
Mr A Rankin 9.16 S.W. from the Village of Branxton. it is
Mr Andw Turnbull arable land and only known by this name in the
vicinity. Mr White of Newcastle in making
some researches concerning the Battle of Flodden
found some mention made of the dead body of
the King having been found on Pipard Hill
but no name of the kind is known. and this
being the only Hill in the locality of a corresponding
description he would wish to fix this as the site
but there is no tradition to corroborate it therefore
it is merely conjectural.
School School Revd Robert Jones On Sheet This school is kept in one of the ordinary
Mr Rankin 10.13 Cottage houses near the Church with which
Andw Turnbull it is in connexion. it is supported by
Subscriptions and School fees. the attendants
are chiefly young Children the average
number being twenty.
William Boyd CA

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