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Parish of Branxton
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Branxton Branxton Revd Robert Jones On Sheet This village is situated 9 miles N.W. by N
Mr A Rankin 10.13 of Wooler on the northern declivity of Branxton
Northumberland Directory Hill. it is very small and the principal
residents are agricultural laborers and small
farmers, it has of late gained considerable
notice from tourists to the field of Flodden
The joint proprietors are Watson Askew
and J Collingwood Esqr.
St. Paul’s Church Church (Parish) Revd Robert Jones On Sheet This Church is a very neat edifice occupying
(Vicarage) Dedicated to St Paul Mr A Rankin 10.13 the site of the ancient Church and was only
Northumberland Directory erected in 1849- its situation is at the west
end of the village. the living is a vicarage in
the deanery of Norham.
St Paul’s Church In Parish Name List When widening the foot path in the Burial
(Vicarage) ground a few years ago a great many human
bones were exposed in such a mass as to
warrant the belief that they belonged to the dead
hastily interred after the battle of Flodden. it
is not known whether they were slain on that
spot or afterwards collected for the purpose
of burial in consecrated ground
William Boyd CA

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