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Parish of Branxton
Sheet 9 No. 16 Traces 3, 6, 5

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Pallins Burn Pallins Burn Revd Robert Jones On Sheets A small stream that flows
Mr A Rankin 9.16 & through a flat piece of ground
Account of the Battle of Flodden 10.13 1/4 of a mile north from the village
of Branxton. the name is derived
from Paulinus. who on the dawn
of Christianity in this country
baptized his converts in some
part of the stream
Marl Bog Marl Bog Revd R Jones On Sheet A small bog divided between
Mr A Rankin 9.16 the parishes of Branxton and
William Robson Carham. from whence marl
has been taken, the pits are
now full of water and appar-
ently disused.
Branxton Buildings Branxton Buildings Revd R Jones On Sheet A small farm steading at a
Mr A Rankin 9.16 short distance north from the
William Robson Parish church. it was originally
a small distinct farm but is
now amalgamated with Branxton
Hill. it is the property of John
Collingwood Esqr of
Cornhill House
William Boyd CA

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