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Parish of Branxton
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Spelling the same Names
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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Branxton Allotment Branxton Allotment Tithe Maps On Sheet A small farm steading known by
Revd Robert Jones 14.5 this name. situated at the southern
Mr A Rankin extremity of the parish, at a short
distance from "The King’s Chair Hill"
It is the property of J. Collingwood
Esqr of Cornhill House
Branxton Hill Branxton Hill Revd Robert Jones On Sheets A conspicuous rising ground half a
Mr Broomfield 13.4 & mile south from the village, it is of
Mr Rankin 14.1 great historical importance on account
of King James having taken up his second
position on this ridge after firing the
lumber and litter on Flodden Hill before
the commencement of the battle
Branxtonhill Branxton Hill Tithe map On Sheet A farm house and steading situated
Revd Robert Jones 14.1 near the highest part of the Hill
Mr Rankin and taking the name in consequence.
it is the property of J Collingwood Esqr
Branxtonhill This name should be
Compounded agreeable
to Survey usage
William Boyd CA

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