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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Shortflatt Tower Shortflatt Tower Mr Dent Esq 40 chains S.E. Is a neat mansion situated
Shortflatt Tower Mr Leighton of Sandyford on flat ground on the south
Shortflatt Tower Mr Rochester side of How Burn, the old
Shortflatt Tower White’s Directory Tower stands on the west end
Shortflatt Tower Hodgson’s History of Northumberland of the building, it is of strong
masonry the walls of the Tower
are 6 feet thick & in good
repair the vault is 33 feet
long by 18 ft wide it was
tastefully decorated the walls
and ceiling neatly plastered &c
&c by the present occupier & is
now one of the principle rooms
of the mansion & used as the
dining room
It was built in Reign of Ed.
Edward the 1st A.D. 1301 by one of
the family of the De Raymes. It is the property
and residence of William Dent Esq

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