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Parish of Bedlington
Sheet 64 Plan 16

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Sheep Wash Sheep Wash Reverend Mr Hopwood Adjoining Sheepwash A part of the River Wansbeck deriving its
Sheep Wash Mr John Rutherford Bridge name from the circumstance of the Farmers of the surrounding
Sheep Wash Mr Robert Swan district being in the habit for generations back of washing
their sheep in it. The name is also appled to 2 Houses
adjacent to it on the East to one of which is attached
a small Brewery to the other a Flour Mill worked by
Sheepwash Bridge Sheepwash Bridge Reverend Mr Hopwood 9 chains West from A strong ancient looking stone structure
(County) Cleaswell Hill consisting of 4 arches it
Sheepwash Bridge Mr John Rutherford Farm connectings the Parishes of Bedlington
(County) and Bothal
Sheepwash Bridge Mr Robert Swan
CleaswellHhill Farm CleaswellHhill Reverend Mr Hopwood 9 chains East An ordinary Farm House with out offices
Farm from Sheepwash Garden etc attached
CleaswellHhill Mr John Rutherford Bridge
CleaswellHhill Farm Mr Robert Swan
Cleasewell Hill Whellan’s Directory Page 899
CleaswellhHill Wood CleaswellhHill Wood Reverend Mr Hopwood Extends Northward This wood is the property of Lord Barrington
CleaswellhHill Wood Mr John Rutherford from Cleaswell Hill & derives its name from its contiguity
CleaswellhHill Wood Mr Robert Swan Farm to Cleasewell Hill Farm
J. Considine
Sapper Royal Engineers

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