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Parish of Bedlington Township of Choppington

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Whinny Hhill Farm Whinny Hhill Farm Mr Dunn 21 Chains N of A plain stone house having stabling
Whinny Hhill Farm Mr Rutter The Choppington Inn & vegetable garden &c attached in the
Whinny Hhill Farm Mr Carr occupation of Mr Swan & owned by Lord
Choppington Terrace Choppington Terrace Mr Dunn 24 Chains S of 3 new rows of houses built
Choppington Terrace Mr Rutter Whinny Hill of stone &c chiefly inhabited
Choppington Terrace Mr Carr by the Colliers of Choppington Colliery
The Choppington Inn The Choppington Inn Mr Dunn 20 Chains S of A plain Public House occupied
(PH) Whinny Hill by Mr George Dixon
The Choppington Inn Mr Rutter
The Choppington Inn Mr Carr
The Choppington Inn Sign Board
Thomas Jordan
2nd Corporal Royal Engineers

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