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List of names collected by Private Henry A Neely R. S. and M.

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as written on the Plan
Various modes of
Spelling the same Names
Authority for those modes of
Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
River Aln F. Holland Esq Alnwick Alnwick A river
A beautiful river which rises
in the high grounds west of Alnham
Town & passing Alnwick Town &
castle falls into the sea at Alnmouth
Aydon Forest Gate F. Holland Esq Alnwick Alnwick A gate
A gate at the entrance into
Huln Park from Aydon Forest
the property of His grace the Duke
of Northumberland
Rotten Row F. Holland Esq Alnwick Alnwick Road
Ratten Row A road leading from Bailiff
Gate to Alnwick Moor
The Dairy F. Holland Esq Alnwick Cannongate Houses
The dairy belonging to
Alnwick Castle The proper
ty of His Grace the Duke of North
G. Gilmour
Serjeant R. S. and M.
17 July 1851

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