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Parish of Alnham
Sheet 37.1

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Alnhamhouse Alnhamhouse Revd.G.S.Thomson,Vicar On Sheet A two storiyed house, having
Alnham 37.1 out-buildings, garden, and a
Alnhamhouse Mr H.G.Crisp, Farmer farm of land attached, the
Prendwick property of the Duke of Northumberland
Alnhamhouse Mr H.H.Scott Farmer &
Carter Knowe Carter Knowe Revd.G.S.Thomson,Vicar On Sheet A hillock, yielding pasture,
Alnham 37.1 and situated on the farm of
Carter Knowe Mr H.G.Crisp, Farmer Alnhamhouse. Origin of the name
Prendwick unknown.
Carter Knowe Mr H.H.Scott Farmer &
Pennylaws Pennylaws Revd.G.S.Thomson, Vicar On Sheet A two storeyed house, with out buildings,
Alnham 37.1 Garden, and a farm of land attached,
Pennylaws Mr H.G.Crisp, Farmer the property of P. Clennell Esqr.
Prendwick There is an eminence bearing the name
Pennylaws Mr Thos Dodds, farmer at present on the farm.
John Callanan 2nd Corpl RE

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