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Alnham Castle Alnham Castle Revd.G.S.Thomson,Vicar This name applies to the vestiges
(Site of) (Remains site of) Alnham On Sheet of an old border tower or Castle,
Alnham Castle Ralph Carr Esqr. Hedgeley 37.1 supposed to have been a place of
(site of) great strength at one time – nothing
Alnham Castle Whellan & Co. History &c P. 641 of which now remains visible but the
(site of) outline of the foundations, observable only
by an undulation of the surface, and
situated on a gentle eminence a little
distance,south of the church.
Pigdon’s Sike Pigdon’s Sike Revd. G.S.Thomson On Sheet 29.16 A small stream commencing north
Pigdon’s Sike Mr H.G.Crisp, Prendwick of Pigdon’s Leap, and flowing through it
Pigdon’s Sike John Amos, Shepd falls into Spartley Burn
Ewartly shank
John Callanan 2nd Corporal Royal Engineers

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