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Shivery Hill Shivery Hill Mr Bell 67 Chains S East A hill on the North
Shivery Hill Mr Hetherington of Ladle Well side of the road leading
Shivery Hill Mr Armstrong from Coalcleugh to Allenhead
and derived its name from its
bleak situation.
Tindalfell Pits Tindalfell Pits Mr John Noble 74 Chains S East Old coal workings on Allendale
(Old Coal Workings) Tindalfell Pits Mr Joseph Bell of Ladle Well Common, which derived their
Tindalfell Pits Mr Robert Hindmarch name from pits of a similar
description in Cumberland.
Scraith Hole Scrait Hole Mr Bell 30 Chains West A nateral natural Hole in
Scrait Hole Mr Hetherington of Ladle Well Smallburns Ho Moor
Scrait Hole Mr Brown there is an old lead level in it
Scraith Hole Mr Sopwith
Scraith Hole Mr Bewick
Scraith Hole Estate Plan

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