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Sheet 107 Plan 10 Parish of Allendale

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Sevensprings Cleugh Sevensprings Cleugh Mr Stephenson About 350 links N. of A small mountain ravine through which the stream gathering on Allendale
Sevensprings Cleugh Mr Shield the Seven Springs Common and forming a tributary to Knockshield
Sevensprings Cleugh Mr Renwick Burn flows through it takes its name from the Seven Springs
Knock Meadows Knock Meadows Mr Stephenson About 10 chains S.E. A portion of Rough pasture it is part of Allendale
Knock Meadows Mr Shield of High Knock Shield Common but runs down into the enclosures which
Knock Meadows Mr Renwick surround it on three sides
Knockshield Moor Knockshield Moor Mr Stephenson About 10 chains S of A large portion of Allendale Common adjoining
Knockshield Moor Mr Shield High Knock Shield Knock Shield hence the name
Knockshield Moor Mr Renwick
Longwell Moor Described in Plan 6 Sheet 107
Long Well Described in Plan 6 Sheet 107
Knockshield Burn Described in Plan 6 Sheet 107
River East Allen Described in Plan 14 Sheet 102
Elphagreen Sike is described in Name Book of 107 Plan 11
Edw. Gillespie
Sapper Royal Engineers

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