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Liberties of Berwick
Sheet 18 No.8 Trace 1

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Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Brotherston’s Hole Brotherston’s Hole Mr. J. Fairbairn Berwick 18/8 A small creek on the
Brotherston’s Hole Mr. T. Gilchrist Berwick sea coast in which a
Brotherston’s Hole Mr. A. Porteous Berwick ship was wrecked some
years ago. The Captains
name was Brotherston, hence
the name.
Burgess’ Cove Burgess’ Cove Mr. J. Fairbairn A natural cavern in the pre-
(a cave) cipice bounding the sea coast.
Burgess’ Cove Mr. Gilchrist Tradition says that this cave
(a cave) extends to Berwick Castle.
Burgess’ Cove Mr. Porteous
(a cave)
J. McDiarmid Civil Assistant

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