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Sheet 63 Plan 6 Longhorsley Parish

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Chapel Chapel site of Hodgson’s History 12 Chains South The site of the Chapel once attached
(Site of) Chapel site of McKenzies History of Selby House to Stanton Hall. The outline of this
Chapel site of Revd T. C. Clavering Longhorsley ancient building can only be traced
(Roman Catholic) out very imperfectly. In fact a person
would have great difficulty in deciding which of two or
three places in the same plot of ground is the correct
site. But the one most resembling the outline of a building
& which I have no doubt is Correct is shewn on the
Examination trace. Local tradition asserts that the
plot of ground attached to the site of the above Chapel
has been a burying ground. This information corresponds
very minutely with the appearance of the ground which
is dotted over with what appears to be small artificial
James Doherty
LceCorpl RE

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