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Parish of Longhorsley Sheet 54 Plan 11

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Longhorsley Longhorsley} Whites Directory 9 Chains East A large straggling village situated
Longhorsley} Village Mr Cleugh Longhorsley of Longhorsley Tower in the three townships of Bigge’s [Quarter]
Longhorsley} Mr Green Longhorsley Freeholder’s Quarter, and Riddell’s Quarter
It contains a strong ancient tower a catholic chapel three
Public houses and a post office, and is the property of
various proprieters.
Star Inn TheStar Inn Publican’s License 13 Chains East A new stone building with stables
TheStar Inn Mr Mathews of Horsley Tower and garden attached and licensed
TheStar Inn Mr Cleugh to retail Wines, Spirits, and Beer.
Publican Mr Mathews
Rose & Thistle Inn The Rose and Thistle Inn Publican’s License 11 Chains S.E. A small stone building in moderate
The Rose and Thistle Inn Signboard of Horsley Tower repair with stables and out buildings
The Rose and Thistle Inn Mr Cleugh attached it is licensed to retail Wines
Spirits Beer and Tobacco
Alfred Brittain SRE

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