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Parish of Longhorsley Sheet 54 Plan 11

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Horsley Tower Horsley Tower Mr Cleugh Longhorsley 1 Chain S.W. A strong ancient Tower which formerly
Horsley Tower Mr Johnson Longhorsley of RC Chapel belonged to the Horsleys. and was erected
Horsley Tower Mc Kenzies History in 1608. It is now the property of
Ralph Riddle Esq and is occupied by the Catholic Priest
It is a plain stone building and has a garden attached
RC Chapel St Thomas Chapel
RC Chapel Mr Cleugh 1 Chain N.W. A neat stone building in the form
St Thomas Chapel of Horsley Tower of a cross dedicated to St Thomas according
RC Chapel Mr Johnson to government register and built by public
St Thomas Chapel subscription The Revd – Clavering Priest
RC Chapel Rev Clavering Priest
(Roman Catholic)
School School Mr Cleugh 3 Chains S.E. A neat stone building partly
(Endowed) School Mr Johnson of Longhorsley Tower supported by voluntary subscription
School Rev R Green Vicar In 1761 Mr Ogle left 100£ in 1848
Mr Thomas Trewhit left 200£ and in 1850 Mr John Trewhit
left 600£ the whole for the education of poor Children
Alfred Brittain SRE

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