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Sheet 54 Plan 8 Parish of Longhorsley

< List of Names
as written on the Plan
Various modes of
Spelling the same Names
Authority for those modes of
Situation Descriptive Remarks, or other
General Observations
which may be considered of Interest
Linden East Linden East Mr Moffatt About 5 chains N An excellent stone building with suitable offices
Linden East Mr Hogg of Linden Burn and all necessary appendages pertaining to a good
Linden East Mr Cleugh Farm House. The property of CM Aymes Esq and in
Linden East Farm Whites Directory the occupation of Mr Edward Moffatt Farmer
Linden Burn Linden Burn Mr Moffatt About 5 chains S A small stream flowing in an easterly direction
Linden Burn Mr Cleugh of Linden East through a deep valley and gathering on the Linden
Linden Burn Mr Stevenson Estate from which it derives its name
Bell’s Hill Bell’s Hill Mr Moffatt About 28 chains N.W. A small eminence which commands an
Bell’s Hill Mr Cleugh of Linden East extensive view of the surrounding country
Bell’s Hill Mr Stevenson
East Gill East Gill Mr Moffatt About 40 chains N.W. A small valley having a stream flowing through
East Gill Mr Cleugh of Linden East it and Planted with Fir and Forest trees
East Gill Estate Plan
Paxtondean Burn See Name Book of 54.12
Edw. Gillespie SRE

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