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Parish of Felton Sheet 45 Plan 5

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Framlington Colliery Framlington Colliery Mr Murry Schoolmaster 16 Chains North A small coal pit situated
Framlington Colliery Mr Hilton Longframlington of Besom Inn on the east side of the Turnpike
Framlington Colliery Mr Snaith Mount Pleasant Road. It is worked by a steam engine
and is the property of Mr Fenwick
Inner Burn Inner Burn Mr John Grey N. of Butterly A small stream flowing across the
Inner Burn Mr F Green ph Bdy
Inner Burn Mr G. Hall
Besom Inn Besom Inn Mr Murry 16 Chains South A small Farm House with
Besom Inn Mr Hilton of Framlington stables outbuildings and garden
Besom Inn Mr Snaith Colliery attached. It was formerly a
Public House. Still retains the name
Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mr Murry 58 Chains N W A considerable eminence covered
Mount Pleasant Mr Hilton of Framlington with rocky heathy pasture
Mount Pleasant Mr Snaith Colliery
Butterlyey Butterley Mr John Grey. Longframlington 39 Chains South of The ruins of an Herd’s House, it has not
(in Ruins) Butterley Mr Francis Green. Canada Mount Pleasant been inhabited for the last 10 Years
Butterley Mr Gilbert Hall. Knogley
Alfred Brittain
Sapper Royal Engineers

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