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Parish of Earsdon Township of Seaton Delaval

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Seaton Delaval Seaton Delaval John Butters Esqr In the south of the A small hamlet consisting
Seaton Delaval Mr Henry Snowdon plan, about 20 chains of a few cottages and a
Seaton Delaval Mr Robert Stephenson North West of Egg Pond farm stead. The property of
Seaton Delaval List of County Voters Lord Hastings
Seaton Delaval Whellan’s Directory
Seaton Delaval County Map
Supposed Site of Supposed Site of John Butters Esqr About 20 Chains The supposed Site of the ancient
Castle Castle North West of Seat of the Delaval family
Supposed Site of Mr Henry Snowdon Egg Pond
Supposed Site of Mr Robert Stephenson
The Site of the MacKenzie’s History "The ancient castle of Seaton Delaval stood a little to the south west of
Ancient Castle "the modern mansion-Nothing remains except the Chapel" White’s Directory
The ancient castle of Seaton Delaval White’s Directory
Chapel Chapel McKenzie’s history of Northumberland About 19 Chains North This is a very ancient edifice and
Chapel John Butters Esqr West of Egg Pond is one of the finest and most perfect
Chapel Mr Robert Stephenson Specimens of Norman architecture in
Chapel White’s Directory the Kingdom, it was connected with
Chapel Hodgson’s History the ancient seat of the Delaval family
Church Parish Name Book
(Private Chapel) A yearly donation of about 50£ was given to the
incumbent of Earsdon for officiating here in the
evenings: the late Revd W. Markman officiated under the
last of Barons of Delaval service was continued until his demise, when
Lord Hastings to whom the property reverted discontinued the allowance
"Divine service is no longer performed in this Chapel."
John McMahon

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